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General terms of use on website Osmrtnice.si

Osmrtnice.si is web service (website) (“the Osmrtnice.si”) is a website managed by a company Sigma informacijske rešitve in storitve, Tadej Pešl s.p.

By using Osmrtnice.si you agree that the access to its websites can at any time be temporally disrupted or disabled.

We reserve the right to change or cancel any segment of our service at any time.

We reserve the right to at any time change or cancel any segment of here stated Terms of use without any prior notification, if it is considered necessary.

Obligation and duty of each user is to use website Osmrtnice.si solely in accordance with the laws of Slovenia state, as well as with the general moral and ethical terms.

Osmrtnice.si excludes any responsibility for damage made on devices, with which the user accesses the website Osmrtnice.si. Osmrtnice.si. also does not take on the responsibility for damage possibly caused by inability to use Osmrtnice.si.

The manager of Osmrtnice.si can at any time break the business relationship with any user and take away his accessibility rights. In such case the responsibilities and duties of the user do not cease.

For any legal action considering the usage of Osmrtnice.si is competent the court in Maribor.

Limitation of liability

The manager of website Osmrtnice.si does not guarantee for punctuality or completeness of any information published on Osmrtnice.si. The manager also does not take on the responsibility for any possible loss or damage of the user, made by the reference to the information obtained on Osmrtnice.si.

Each user of Osmrtnice.si agrees, that the usage of our website is solely on his or her own responsibility.

Osmrtnice.si and its manager does not take on the responsibility for any information loss, non-delivery of send mails/notifications or any other occurrence during the use of Osmrtnice.si.